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Anghel Saligny Bridge

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Date Added: Nov 6, 2005
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The King Carol I Bridge (later renamed Anghel Saligny Bridge) was built between 1890 and 1895 in Romania over the Danube and Borcea and when it was completed it then became the longest bridge in Europe and the third in the world.

The bridge has a length of 4,037 metres of which 1662 m over the Danube and 920 m over Borcea and was designed by Romanian engineer Anghel Saligny. It is 30 metres above the water, allowing tall ships to pass under it. The bridge has four spans of 140 metres and one of 190 metres.

The two cities on the banks of the river which was built were Feteşti on the right side and Cernavodă on the left side. The bridge was used for almost a century, until it was replaced in 1987 with new bridge built next to it.

The bridge was inaugurated on 26 November 1890 and as a test on the opening, a convoy of 15 locomotives sped at 85 km/h.

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