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Eltanin Crater

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Date Added: Jan 13, 2006
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A 1-4 km diameter asteroid splashed into the Southern Ocean, 1500 km SW of Chile at a time that saw the emergence of modern humans.
The Eltanin crater is located in the Bellinghausen Sea, and occurred 2.150.5 Million years ago The Eltanin Impact Layer asteroidal debris found within that was first discovered as an Iridium anomaly in 1981. In 2004 a possible source crater was found under 5000 meters of water. The crater is 1325km in diameter, much larger than the previously proposed size of 24 to 80 km.
The impact would have produced a 200300 m high tsunami to the Antarctic Peninsula and the southern tip of South America 12001500 km away. 60 m waves would have struck New Zealand, 6000 km away.

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