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Alexandre Dumas House

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Date Added: Jan 16, 2006
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Category: Famous Homes: Authors - Deceased

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Monte-Cristo castle

Thanks to the success of the Three Musketeers (les Trois Mousquetaires), Alexandre Dumas builds his small romantic castle (a "folie" as usually said for this kind of building) in the close countryside which borders Paris in 1847. It will be known as the Castle of Monte-Cristo and is located at Port-Marly. This eccentric residence was built in a style Néo-Renaissance evoking the fastes of a royalty of operetta. A few years earlier, another famous author, Walter Scott, built in Scotland its castle of Abbotsford which it lived until his death. On the other hand, Dumas remained only a few years in its castle drawn by the architect Hippolyte Durand, before his creditors obliged him to exile itself in Brussels.

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