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Date Added: Mar 4, 2006
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Welcome to Sisimiut, which lies 100 km north of the Polar Circle.

The climate is arctic with temperatures down to - 35 degrees Celsius in the winter and up to + 20 degrees Celsius in the summer. The town is GreenlandsĀ“s northernmost town with an ice-free harbour during the winter period and the southernmost with dog sledge riding and real genuine Greenland dogs.

The municipality has the ideal situation for hiking, kayak, sail and mountain biking in the summer and dog sledge and snow scooter rides and skiing in the winter.
Anglers will find approx. 35 trout steams and lakes where you may sit in peace and quiet and enjoy the beautiful nature. In 2004 (3. August), the municipality of Sisimiut counted 6,073 inhabitants. 126 of them live in the Itilleq district, 124 in the district of Sarfannguaq, 499 in Kangerlussuaq and 5,324 in the actual town of Sisimiut.

More information about Sisimiut can be found at this site:

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