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Date Added: Jun 20, 2006
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Category: Cities

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Stuvvesant Heights (1971-1989).......Former tight-knit past of extreme sountrn zones of Port Jeffetson Station and Terryville - where they make bounary with Northern extrmeme Selden zone. Community small in area but huge in heart, Stuyvestant Heights was noted for the wildness, community bond, breeding groung for future atheletes that other neighborhoods clamor for. With the moving of the original base of families from the early 70's and a new generation moving in, the "Heights" has lost most of it's glamor and reputation from it's glory days and has settled back into a regular part of the Port Jefferson Station Area. But for an approx.20 year period, the "HEIGHTS" or as residents called it "Stuyvesant", if you residd from this part of town, you belonged to a special area that's reputation preceeded it and residential pride exaulted in it's popularity. School: Selden Jr. High / / Newfield High School Original Athletic Games: LEOBALL / SUBMARINE/ FIRST ROUND In Memory: Chris "Slick" Loria, Robert "Salty" St.John, Mr. & Mrs. Haller, Mr. & Mrs. Harris, Johnny "Wheels" Haller, Jane Harris, Mr. & Mrs. Regina...............

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