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diamond mine in Yakoutia (Russia)

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Date Added: Nov 7, 2006
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Category: Mines

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Russian: тру́бка Уда́чная, lit. successful pipe or lucky pipe) is a large diamond deposit in the Sakha Republic, Russia. It is located within the Arctic circle, at (6625′N 11219′E) in the Daldyn kimberlite field. Udachnaya was discovered on June 15, 1955, just two days after the first Soviet diamond pipe (Mir) by a Soviet geologist Vladimir Shchukin and his team. It is 530 m deep.

The Udachnaya pipe is the largest diamond deposit in Russia and one of the largest in the world. It consists of two bodies, east and west, which are both diamondiferous. Udachnaya has yielded numerous large diamond crystals. The mine is one of the largest open pits in the world.

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