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Slava class Cruiser Ukrayina in Mykolaiv

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Date Added: Sep 26, 2009
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Laid down 1984, launched 1990, work stopped. Unneeded by the Ukrainian Navy. Estimated 96% complete and requiring $30 million to complete in January 30, 2007.

The design started in the late 1960s and was based around the P-500 Bazalt missile, as a less expensive, conventional alternative to the nuclear powered Kirov class battlecruiser. There was a long delay in the programme, while the problems with this weapon were resolved. These ships acted as flagships for numerous task forces. All ships were built at the 61 Kommunar yard, in Mykolaiv, Ukraine (Nikolaev). The class was a follow up to the Kara class cruiser, constructed at the same shipyard and appears to be built on a stretched version of Kara hull.

The Slava class was initially designated BLACKCOM 1 (Black Sea Combatant 1) and then designated the Krasina class for a short period until Slava was observed at sea. The SS-N-12 launchers are fixed facing forward at around 8 elevation with no reloads available. As there was nothing revolutionary about the design of the class western observers felt they were created as a hedge against the failure of the more radical Kirov class. The helicopter hangar deck is located 1/2 deck below the landing pad with a ramp connecting the two.

Today three ships serve in the Russian Navy and one uncompleted vessel is owned by Ukraine. No replacements for the class are yet planned and the three vessels in the Russian Navy will continue to be in service for some years to come.

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